Charmaine Amasol

Book Keeper

Charmaine takes care to provide our customers high quality bookkeeping and payroll services personalized for their unique needs.  

She will save you time and money!  Your CPA’s time is valuable.  Use their time wisely and save yourself money by calling them when it matters most.  Charmaine will take care of your books on a budget you can afford and work together with your CPA when needed.  Charmaine makes regular visits to your office.  

Don’t have your accounting system set up yet?  Bookkeeping can help!  We’ll help you start off your bookkeeping system and get you on the right track.  We’ll set up your accounting data file with any software of your choice and show you how to get started.

Call us for your year-end accounting duties!  We’ll help to get your books in order before handing them to your CPA.  Not only does it save you money, but it also saves time for your CPA during tax season.  Once your CPA has reviewed your books and prepared your tax return, we work together to have your books ready for the next year.

Aside from the normal full charge bookkeeping services, we also provide the following specialized services:

  • Construction Job Costing and Reporting
  • Property Management Tracking and Reporting
  • Client Trust Account Reconciliation and Reporting
  • Certified Payroll
  • Year End Form-1099 Preparation

In addition, we make collaboration a cinch.  No waiting for emails or faxes.  Every client is set up with their own file storage through our account where they are able to upload/download documents to share.  What makes unique is it is mobile.  You can take your docs with you on the go and access your Box storage on almost any mobile device, like iPads and smartphones.
We’ve recently included payroll into our lineup of services.  All payroll is done through Intuit’s Online Payroll system.

What’s so special about our payroll services?  Our clients can have complete control or have us take over the duties.  We can process your payroll at your desired pay frequency and also file your payroll taxes.  Or you can choose to run your own payroll, but leave the payroll taxes to us.  Our payroll is flexible, leaving you in control.  Other great perks include free direct deposit for the first 5 employees and employers and employee have access to their payroll and paystubs 24/7 online.